About us

Projection.eu is specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-end luminaires for the retail sector. Our solutions integrate the latest technology and offer high performance, splendid quality of light and guarantee at the same time, a low degree of energy consumption which is crucial for intensive use.

As retail lighting specialists, we understand the vital role of light in your point of sale. Light makes your products shine and influences how your clients feel. It creates an ambiance which makes people enter your shop and look at your products. Projection.eu helps you to create an inspiring shopping experience for your clients through flexible lighting solutions.

The retail world is in constant evolution: it’s a reality we understand because we live it everyday. Thanks to our expertise in the field we know which points need special attention and how to deal with complex lighting problems. As a real partner in retail lighting we accompany you, from the creation of a store to its opening. Your project is in expert hands with Projection.eu.

Our clients include fashion stores, cosmetics and fragrance retailers, hairdressers, jewellery shops, supermarkets, multimedia stores, showrooms etc. We supply a full spectrum of lighting solutions for all kinds of merchandise.

Projection.eu is a company in full expansion for which a professional relationship with the client is key: we aim for 100% client satisfaction. We offer a customised approach to each of our clients and thanks to our flexibility we can quickly react to urgent requests and solve problems in no time.

Creative and Competitive Solutions in Shop Lighting

We offer A-Z project management. When trusting your project to Projection.eu, you can be sure to count on our expertise and professional assistance, from the design of your shop to its opening and even after. Our full-fledged project assistance includes:

  • Comparative light study before and after: our sales representatives will convince you of the difference Projection.eu can make during a demo in your shop
  •   Our professional lighting designers team is trained to plan intelligently and to use our lighting tools efficiently in order to obtain the best lighting solution at the lowest price
  • Strict quality control and competitive prices
  • Rapid delivery
  • Advice and guidance on how to direct the lighting applications in your store
  • Warranty on all discharge ceramic lamps and gears
  • Professional after-sales assistance and breakdown service
Our high-end product assortment is developed to offer the lighting concept which best meets your needs. We continually focus on product development to stay ahead in terms of performance, dependability and user-friendliness.
Our luminaires are designed to “plug ‘n light”: they are easy to install which avoids wasting time and energy.Efficient stock management and flexibility ensure we are able to react quickly to urgent orders and are in close control of what our clients need.Projection.eu also offers tailor-made solutions upon special request to help create a unique ambiance in your shop.And we don’t stop there: we offer a complete solution by working with professional partners who have the same ways of working as Projection.eu. This way we ensure we can accommodate all your lighting needs.
Projecting a greener future
At Projection.eu we believe that caring for the environment is not only about consuming less energy. It is an attitude embedded in our ways of working. During every step of the process – from design over manufacturing to store opening- we strive to minimize our environmental impact by using responsibly our resources – raw materials and energy – and means.


  • our luminaires function with energy efficient lamps
  • our luminaires integrate high-performance reflectors offering superior light quality while consuming less energy
  • reduced light energy consumption results in a reduced level of heating and cooling needs


  • we light our offices as much as possible with natural light


  • products: more than 90% of our product components is recyclable
  • packaging: during transport we use recyclable boxes and paper


Projection.eu complies with all European legal requirements:

  • WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
  • RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive


  • our high-quality products are durable and built to last

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