17/11/2017 · général

- The Trax LED is a track-mounted led line which offers the ideal lighting solution for large-surface stores, supermarkets & showrooms. The Trax led fixture, available in 600 (2220lm) and 1500mm (5550lm), is designed to create uninterrupted lines of light. It is flexible, quick and easy to install thanks to its compatibility with 3-circuit track systems.

- Twiks LED
With two light sources that can be adjusted horizontally up to 355° and tilted up to 180° the Twiks LED is a very versatile track-based luminaire. Its maximum light output amounts to 6000lm in 4000K.

- Midi Luna LED
This entirely passive light fixture belongs to the LUNA LED family. With its compact size (only 12cm long) but nevertheless high-performance led module (930 > 2500lm – 830> 3500lm) the Midi Luna LED will surely conquer many hearts. The standard finish of the connector piece between adapter and tube is chrome but it is also available in black, white and grey. Honeycomb and barn doors are optional.

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