08/12/2016 · général

According to experts one of the prettiest AD Delhaize supermarkets of the moment can be found in Mons. After important renovation works, for which Projection.eu supplied the lighting materials, the supermarket reopened in September with a new concept. In this new concept warm wood plays a key role: it’s not only being used for the counters and displays but also for the ceiling covering in the butcher’s, bakery and fish section. Special boxes have been developed in order to fit the recessed luminaires, the Raya led spots in 2500lm, nicely into this wooden ceiling. Grey Lara led spots -in 3200 to 5300lm- on tracks put a special focus on the extended fresh food section with a.o. a sushi-counter and in the wine section clients experience the cosy ambiance of a real wine cellar thanks to the black Lara led spots in 2200lm. Clients’ reactions to the renewed supermarket are very positive.